author: Nikolay.V.K

Concerning principles MANAGING Reality ---- ---- CONTINUED PART VII -----

  • unsearchable things you do not know
  • To keep everything LOGICAL EXPLANATION OF GOD
  • FROM WHICH ARE a vampire or a werewolf
  • at last KNEW THE TRUTH
  • paradox of Karma
  • WHO goes to hell, or CUBE
  • TRUTH credit card
  • extreme danger was coming from a MATRIX
  • HOW mock GOD
  • Vampires Among us
  • YERAHIYATA in the sky
  • HOW THE GOD OF THE WORLD brought destruction
  • war was in full swing
  • destruction STARTED
  • Salvation
  • WHAT JESUS ??taught
  • for the still misunderstood
  • how your stupid prolong life
  • GODS shit
  • further proof that the God of the land of and in similar worlds shit
  • HOW WILL henceforth


    All you think that getting rich from work. Mistaken the money given by the Lord for some small things such as taking pictures of babies Jennifer Lopez. 6 million for the Virgin Mary whore. Madonna (Mary Magdalene) you take 120 million albums. Famous footballers for allegedly hard work did not remain behind. Christians are modest, they are content with the 30 000 per month. Why did God give them the money and you did not win. The answer is simple were his sons and daughters. And what happens to those who hate reading Iov.30 8 fools, yea were they driven with stripes (NEW KING JAMES VERSION anglisyki the best translation in the world of Jewish word for word, the same said and translation Pentcho Doe) from the ground. Who scourge waving at people who were in the temple. Jesus Christ of course You must think that the film clip shoot. Wrong, made by a computer. So Philip Kirkorov come to Bulgaria "photo" of his new movie. The video is made by computer only the settings and he does it. SO rules and computer games and software should you Alicia to live in a house for 1 million pounds when it is satisfied with the apartment. Do you know who God is. Answer Allah the god of the worlds. God wants to have a little rich and very poor so they said in the documentary cats in Egypt. If you read down you will find that the ones I'm talking about are in fact the best people in the universe so far leads us logic. However AS sons and daughters of Allah care of the weak and poor SO HE. In a word, do not care about anyone left the world of drift. I personally make music with a computer program VELVET STUDIO 2.1 PRO 1996 under WINDOWS98. However, when I tried to put together all sides cut me off. BBS ABV.BG ALL.BG EMOTION-BG.COM, MAGICGTABG.COM Forums Merlin ALSO cut me off because the truth hurts. And although I was raised with the course with the help of the Holy One of Israel and his angels to be the Son of God DO NOT take me to the family. Take Pavel (which is a monster like reptiles) girlfriend Alicia with 2 meter language astral gave him before the church of Liudmil Yatanski Gospel Christian woman. Why?????

    Secret Things You Did not Know

    1 month ago my God told me wonderful things that mages do not even know viz. You've heard how some strong evangelical sermons. People began to spit some creatures like beetles, cockroaches spiders, centipedes, etc. Where are taken. Now I will tell you one of my experience in another world that happens to me. Finding himself in a world and from everywhere began to shoot at me. I was afraid that I had to do I did. Suddenly upon me and began shooting appeared very funny rubber suit. They continued to shoot with very big bullets. I could feel them dig into my body but do not hurt me. Finally stopped all applauded me and greeted me. They told me to go to a girl. I went and at that moment appeared to me a thousand spiders inside vkostyuma on my skin and began gently pinching me. I said these make me tick and they are trying to get under the skin. I came to the girl and then told me to take off the suit look. The moment I laid it all spiders were pebbles. Which surprises me a lot. Yesterday I stayed awake almost all night and listened to God explaining the new angels by allowing me to listen. Do you wonder where does kidney stones. The answer is they are creatures that live inside humans. My spiders regenerating my skin and eliminate bruises. Happy is the man who has every body in such a spider When they hit the body or spoil the magic they regenerate. Deunov said "SHOULD NOT ANY Udovo be cut because who knows how many millions of years it took God to create them. Removing tonsil 3 rd you know what it is that being who eats germs and microbes that come with the food of man. Sometimes the place is occupied by the cockroach that tryansformira in 3 tons when you reveal. These creatures are commanded by God to become pebbles, tumors and cysts others when undetected. It might be a long time to revive again. There is a special X-ray (nuclear magnetic resonance) abroad and now at home who reveal them. This produces stroke and heart attack and trombchetata. Now there is a very important creature that lives in a woman's genitals. Something like a spider who takes care of the fetus - baby by killing microbes and germs vsyakvi. And now the most important thing. Why Gypsies none of the doctors who loves them very simply because they are full of such things. What is the conclusion? -Do not kill any spiders, cockroaches and others and stay healthy as it says in the Old Testament The righteous shall inherit the earth

    To keep everything LOGICAL EXPLANATION OF GOD

    The road is the only UP. if we make a mistake we'll just stay at the level that we would have but punishment from God. So first we Pantoufle or amoeba then insects then animals birds or fish and then humans. God is karma he encourages them are as good as (ipalnyavat its obligations) as a high climb and become animals, and finally humans. Once people become way is as follows. First we have deacons or officers or employees in the order firm. If we are to fulfill their obligations as God wants, then in the next life become heads of churches or order or company Why next. Because you have to go through the "machine" that give us the individuality of the head. I do not know maybe this but not many people. If you make mistakes does not fall down and stand on your position. In this sense it is the explanation of the fact that there are bad people. God is karma he punished and encourages both told that God is everywhere. Then head become rich. As our money is given as age 30. In this sense it is the explanation of all the rich heirs. The next step is a magician. The magician learns the secrets of the universe and apply them for good. If we are excellent mages become angels. There surely must die and be born in heaven. First are children playing and having fun in every way. Then when you grow up we become angels of course is that there is no sex in heaven. Level 9 is the God of the planet. and 10 level is Lord of the universe or clean energy. Further, I do not know.


    So, the whole truth, I came to is this: Watching priropdata see that there is a natural selection Ie individuals are fighting each other for happiness "female" food, water in humans too.
    => One who wants equality fight God Almighty God that the world works this way

    And the world is arranged so that no sin has access to all those who have made a lot of mistakes at the most low standing in society

    => The only way to help the weak and the poor to fight with God, right? Ie we voistinu love sinners but watch what Solomon wrote
    Prit.14: 31 He who oppresses the poor reproaches Maker, but whoever is kind to the needy honors Him ..
    => Through his mouth speaks another God the creator of the world namely: 12 How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations 13 And thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of congregation, in the sides of the north,

    => Satan is a rival of God and his desire mercy and help to / weak Why do Christians say that the devil is trying to stand above the gods, while his opponent is very simple. He is also a competitor and opponent. We know that all animals have sex when they are in heat. The Bible says so

    Lev.18: 19 When a woman when put apart for her uncleanness not approach to uncover their nakedness:

    Another says that one of the prophets is the following

    6 The wolf also shall dwell with the lamb, the leopard shall lie down with the kid, the calf and the young lion and ogoenite will be together, and a little child shall lead them. 7 The cow and the bear shall feed; their young ones shall lie down together: and the lion shall eat straw like the ox. 8 nurse child shall play on the hole of the asp, and the weaned child shall put his hand into the viper's den. 9 They shall not hurt nor destroy in all my holy mountain: for the earth shall be full of the knowledge of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.

    => To kill to eat meat is absolutely forbidden for Satanists
    => Cow milk because it may give voluntary
    => Eggs should avoid unless they are free range

    The next thing to do is for God to help the poor including

    not to oppress the hireling in his wages their Mal.3: 5
    Ez.18 17 not oppress the poor, does not take interest or increase,
    Isaya.1 17 Learn to do good, seek justice, rebuke the oppressor, judge the fatherless, plead for the widow.

    Diseases come when we make mistakes. But we have free choice see
    => God makes those who have it inconvenient to make a mistake. What criteria do not yet know.

    => Those who advocate for the poor, are hostile to God Almighty I am one of them and I think you because it is commendable and human to help the weak.
    I am a musician and I do listen to great music in January and abroad select at NVKNVK

    Last pieces of nvknvk19 to nvknvk21 are great I want to put together but do not know how. But the goal is not to make money for themselves and to become popular and to help poor and to tell the world that you have to help the poor people right??? I think that's why a meager knowledge of music to do this trans

    And finally the most important thing is that the poor suffer less from diseases because
    1. God loves (loves punishing) their children - rich he does not care about the poor
    2. It is not logical to poor sick when they have no money to treat. Because of nakzanie whatever God for the poor will be terrible suffering.

    FROM WHICH ARE a vampire or a werewolf There are three groups of creatures: werewolves, humans and vampires. Werewolves represent the family (pack) over all. Predators only think about yourself and your family, no matter whether you should eat or exploit anyone. People are untouched beings who have not determined the eternal destiny, usually these are children. Most often bitten while sleeping in sleeping but they do not pay attention much. From there, you're determined nyastoto in life Vampires take care of all think about others including myself. I was also bitten (sleep) and gave me the opportunity to not die even blades of helicopter crippled me I stick again. Get kind of scary to me is the armor. And once I became in the kitten. Give a specific time the child starts to recognize good and evil. Once determined God to associate one type depending mentality to the world. Helping all weak or selfish. The war is waged senior plan while you sleep. Do not think it's like in the movies teeth and claws and terrible form. Blood drinking vampire does not (this is an exaggeration of Reality). It just so to associate themselves as saliva mixed with blood of man. May and werewolves make the same number. If you want to find out who the werewolf and vampire who read below.

    at last KNEW THE TRUTH It turns so that the Bible records many important things in the Old Testament. Prophets who came to Earth are becoming prophets of the Lord who did not love them, he says, and Jesus Your fathers build grozhbnitsi those who murdered the prophets. Ezekiel said that everyone died for your sin, the father will die for his son and his son will not die for his father. While Moses was told that visiting bezakonie fathers to 4 generations. A blagoslvenie to thousands of those who love Him and keep His commandments. Isaiah says that good deeds cleared sin therefore reduce the penalty. But Jehovah causes Isaiah to take a harlot for a wife, and Ezekiel to eat cow shit. Jeremiah did throw him into the pit. Goes so prorotsoite not prophets of the Lord and the prophets of the Most High God. Throughout the Old Testament the prophets are God pleads with the rich and powerful to protect the poor and weak. But alas they exploited them as slaves making their house fields in a word they turn aside. So Almighty God is the truth, he is the master of Vslenata if you afflict workers in wages means to earn money on the back of its workers. You can buy an expensive car, a house and they are vozat life bus and live modestly. The same goes for the singers, singer and actor. So as you are not a mile over the poor and weak SO and I will not have mercy on you when CAME your punishment and it is already running to its implementation. I have made a mistake down (before) where I talk about God as God I mean the Lord of the universe. Allah does not otgovyarya these requirements because it has many rich sheikhs (sons) who do not give if they do not benefit.

    paradox of Karma It reads that there punishment should be people who behave badly on those who weighs karma. In this sense, they will not help the poor or to exploit them but in the next life they will have these wretches. To get out of karma need not to do these sins and that will happen as a result of logical conclusions. What has given rise to world chaos and purposeful creative work. Therefore, when God created the world there should be laws to regulate it. Namely, do not commit adultery, and help the weak, this applies to most people. Becoming a sinless we go out of our karma and bezgreshnosta becomes instinct. As it is written "33 But this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, saith the Lord: I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts: and I will be their God, and they shall be my people , / Jeremiah 31:33 / And these are hacking into the system as your cleared karma themselves friends of charge or go to the cube.

    JESUS ??IS HITLER Jesus is a dirty German Schwab. He was Hitler so allowed him to become commander. We know that Jesus had the greatest oratorical abilities, we also that hated Jews and had decided to take revenge (how time changes the person). For the suffering he caused his revenge hundredfold even 200 carat every Jew during the reign of Hitler. Even if he was not, he has not stopped it's been this way agree with how much hatred towards Jews by Hitler!!

    WHO goes to hell, or CUBE Those who manage the vineyard of the Lord or the shepherds of the flock are all that guide in one or another way, people. People "just" workers are sheep or vineyard. But these pastors businessmen fatten themselves and not give a good salary to their employees. Christians do not lead the flock in the right way and so most are lost. But God will hold everyone accountable for this. How????? "40 So when the owner of the vineyard comes, what will he do to those tenants? 41 They say unto him those wicked men miserably will destroy, and will give the vineyard to rent to other tenants who will give him the fruits in their seasons." / Matthew 21:40-41 /. This means that their death would be a terrible terrible than what the cube. I think not. Movies businessmen and pastors. This is the destruction of the soul.
    "1 Woe is me: for as I have gathered the summer fruits, as the gleanings of the vintage: there is no cluster to eat, no first ripe fig tree, my soul desired. 2 The good man is perished out of the country, and there is none righteous among men, all lie in wait for hunt every man his brother with a noose. 3 Both arms extend to evil to do it diligently; prince appears to desire, and the judge agreed with a gift, and the great man speak wicked thought of his soul, so they work together weave . 4 The best of them is as a brier, the most upright is sharper than a thorn hedge: the day predicted by guards your visitation you, there was, and I shall be their perplexity. "/ Micah 7:1-4 /
    Mat.12: 34 You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? Because of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh.
    This is the natural way of living. For everything there is a reflex. So those who have learned to litsemerstvat ie instead of ashamed they are controlled and even color does not appear. Or seduce girl telling him that it is the nicest and most beautiful to him. And actually pursue a purpose. Also they go to hell or cube. Sinned they tear egregore that will make them ashamed ie be issued when such lies and God hates. The only way is to be born again, and woe otherwise severe if caught.

    TRUTH credit card What is a credit card. How to complete credit or debit cards that withdraw money from an ATM. So go to the bank and said transfer my salary lev 1000 month (money transferred from his job in a bank account). Transfer them to him. Goes to the ATM and withdraw gradually. When he finished a run beige again to the bank. So surely there are machines of pirates who fill their credit cards. And steal you to him. Immediately block it. So it must to all ATMs in the world to issue a message that the credit card is stolen so you. And how is this a cable or satellite you. I imagine how many terabytes should have any ATM to 1 million people vsluchay that 0.00001% of the world they get stolen or lost. I WILL VIKAZHA what the truth is. The truth is that every credit card has a limit for the month. The aim is those who disagree with them they can not buy or sell.

    WHAT IS DEMON They are the angels who have no free will. But they have sense. In other worlds, those who do not accept "their constitution" made them demons with a very scary person. ADONAY has the scariest but the LORD after him so in the Bible call it terrible God. Vtor.10: 17 "For the LORD your God is God of gods and Lord of lords, the great, mighty and awesome God, who shows no partiality nor take a gift;" I also sleep while I like a demon. Where call me where I'm going. 3 times we all in black skins and no bullet can not penetrate them, even at the highest world where I teach the angels and laser tried to stab me but could not. I felt, however how the scales are melting Demons are not demons, devils are the torment of God for the worst. I want to ask the professionals. It is going black magician???? He president you want to happen??? No, he wants to be God so that its laws to govern. And they are its laws???? Justice and fairness.

    extreme danger was coming from a MATRIX So the demons and angels and God that you hear outside the matrix. God showed me in a special dream that I was caught and I'm in Zion. I can not control myself at all and they make me do fresh milk in your mouth sometimes bombonki that way trying to suffocate me. I told you these angels are evil they teach you to become God and in fact you are separating from God through sin you make and worship the devil you know that you will break out of the mold. As the land you live without principles. There is no God, no angels. I am sent to fight with Neo. You are required to sleep because you are a little much they do not understand. here the matrix is ??poor Sano books movies and television. I found it rich and famous are now out and they are the bad guys. No inhibitions, no moral principles. Everything there is to thugs gangsters are also out. Live by the principle of the devil. As "save" more rich in matrix. They is FUN IS GOD educate and teach.

    HOW mock GOD Do you know someone that is an angel now found his girlfriend to masturbate on it. However, if you become pregnant immediately broke up with him and collect a new (for him) and previous (it) a man who is of course the rich. Why, because the angels call that almost nothing can make the world drones and kick them in time of it if they make the course as worker bees. That's why I say that this dog and pig god Vsemopgashtiya should break his dog or pig's head I do not know which one. They did not have sex to not age wants them to live forever, talk about the most intelligent rich. To ordinary people who have sex starts aging and make you very ages seconds. Who never masturbate not old. But to conceive girl needed just such an angel. Oh forgot Almighty allowed them sex in the ass because they do not even shitting. Which, however, makes it also ages seconds.

    Vampires Among us Who sleeps all day and night goes hunting - CAESAR course. Who wants to live forever and not see death. The biggest thugs course What are the big and why?? Pour vodka and tequila has vampire drinks. Slavi Trifonov Why not tell jokes mugs - because he himself is the biggest thug and his girlfriend is Azis. When the elders came to Rehoboam, son of Solomon and said to him: "Your father made our yoke grievous: now therefore make thou cruel ulekchi us of thy father, and his heavy yoke which he put upon us, and we will serve you" Abimelech = Saul = Solomon = Slavi Trifonov; Each mug has a small personal bodyguard, it is "adept magician" visible on it that are slightly high and thin, which is obliged to protect it from any spiritual injuries. Each mug has thousands of enemies, competition, and ordinary magicians who are and taking her boyfriend January something else. The thugs do not pay fair wages to people it's visible. They are also the biggest problem of the Lord who said, "I will come near to you to judgment will quickly witness against the sorcerers, against the adulterers, against swear falsely, against those that oppress the hireling in his wages, the widow and the fatherless, and against them that turn aside the stranger, and fear not me, saith the Lord of hosts. " / Malachi 3:5 / What awaits them "1 Come now, you rich, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. 2 Your riches have rotted and your garments are moth-eaten. 3 Your gold and silver have corroded, and their corrosion will testify against you and will eat your flesh like fire. 4 Behold, the wages of workers who have reaped down your fields, which deprive them cries: and the cries of the harvesters have reached the ears of the Lord of hosts. " / James 5:1-4 /. The biggest thugs in the world are vampires and ride in a Rolls Royce.

    ETERNAL PEOPLE Becoming eternal person you do preorachvam cease to sleep cease to eat (because you get tired of everything after 400 years). Soil to deal with the risky sports, professions such as special agents and there is limited life on earth. If someone hurt you with a knife rifle need a special plastic surgery. Here nataak you already magyusnitsi and witches. Ignazio Lajos most prominent Executioner of the Inquisition invented for you any torture. Why, very simply, he begins to break your leg you spin it as you strive to become rubber. But the tire has a limit so that finally it should break however you will not really hurt but it will hurt. Another torture is to draw water in the mouth. The average person will choke sooner or later, however, they no longer have a crooked neck because the body is not breathing amended as to draw water only fills the stomach inflates like a balloon and it's torture. Asians seek to kontrlirat fully all the functions of the brain and therefore they have any nicknames "iron legs" stomanneniyat fist and others. If you find yourself in trouble rely solely on yourself. If you die - Hell will stay there as long as you are making mistakes since you have become timeless and will be born in a world where God the ruler of the whole universe and still choose all over again. Why hell, very simple controls you reject God, angels, and say I am God. Therefore God is treated as entirely sane his children.

    YERAHIYATA in the sky So angels are guardians. Food keep and care for human sledniyayat way. If a person violates any of God's laws they are obliged to warn him and punish him. But they also take care of basic needs. If you forget to eat or to feed your cat they remind. Wake him if ospiva and have something to do. Remind him obliged to say or do anything but forget. God takes care of many angels - guardian and tell them what to do in a more complex situation in which they are stuck. I also understood that these angels and archangels are his, and when he grows up, they will be born and he will keep them. Important is the personal relationship that is created between them. But to stnaesh angel have to learn how to amend the destiny of man and how to read information from the global information field and most importantly how to defend people. For example, what would happen if he and she meet. Read quickly and see it would be a failure, you must predodvratyat. These angels may alter the fate of people. Or if you know the devil had prepared an ambush should make him not go there or to escape, etc.

    HEALTH What "scientists" to promote healthy we should exercise is pure lies. The truth is that if another swimming, running, climbing the mountains YOUR HEART weaken gradually depletes ie. If you drink a lot of water (which was also healthy) debilitating kidney. If you read in the dark tired eyes and eyesight weakens. The truth is different because your vision weakens your "teachers" - neighbors in the block or brothers and sisters of the church have decided that you are bad and do not deserve good vision. If you look at video of Jennifer Lopez "if you had my love" and video of camellia "your fault." You will see that they have monitors that they see what you do. Every third in America has one. If you hear voices you hear sometimes laugh and comment on your actions. So make the most beautiful films (as they say witnesses of Jehovah has made films in one room). If you eat a lot of garlic and onion salt danger to your soul so says Peter DYNOV (Benissa Duno). And another thing Anyone who accept the teachings of Elohim (God who loves the poor) what I wrote down will get away with death testing as a cube, and torture in hell.

    HOW THE GOD OF THE WORLD brought destruction I realized that most of the people are already "bogcheta." Amend its looks so easy to commit adultery and lying. Cars also make you change your white or black rear taillights for bling. Change the lenses from light to dark and the headlights too. Understood and tuning cars how. Rapists do their semen 6.7 times. Classes with silicone breast All they forced nature. Can become women and men of all ages. LIE EVERYTHING about them is a lie. I mean by modifying go find out who he is and have a fashkiyski Jesus is not real but some impostor who has over 1000000 ie women fucked them once is amended in the local church preacher. Forcing of nature lies in itself. Here's an example God has ordained the river to have one speed. But if you forced it to you what will happen to residents in. Or sun izgravya by 7.8 times a day. Or you can have 30 cars to your neighbor does not have one. Or you can reduce handedly mind and your neighbor may be forced to balance the system. Or you can make money on the credit card, and your neighbor to work all day. Is it fair???. But there is no better all be equal in everything to be all happy. The price of the car is as much as the price of the Computer, "He who hastens to be rich will not go unpunished" / Proverbs 28:20 /.

    war was in full swing I apologize for the slightest inaccuracy but 68 worlds are about to be destroyed. Branch of which of course will stand cut last because I am now Almighty God, and my father was master of the universe. What awaits them on Earth will hit the most famous people in the world that is no longer able to do what small wonders which ones. Most righteous of them will build a plant in which all who do not accept will be exercised jointly and forever will give them eternal course. Everything will be done in a mechanical way. And those who accept me will live forever but they will be Gods and izbshto will not intersuva those losers, idiots, shit former gods. The moment you give up my teaching will be FOREVER PEOPLE ie these losers. And I will have mercy on them. Will help them of course but they will never be gods FOREVER even go NOWHERE TO THE END OF THE UNIVERSE. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! Jesus Christ, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha at war with me.

    destruction STARTED who saved saved. Who is unrighteous sentenced forever. Worldwide devastation began and these dung sold for money channel 1 and BTV nothing to say. Crumbling buildings, the sea flooded islands. As you pray, you no longer hear saith the Lord. All my writings beshte to condemn you, you can see that shit and whores of the lower variety both men and women and Christians and non-believers. Damn YOU FOREVER.

    Salvation Each person is given time to understand what is good and what is bad Time everyone runs out. How the Lord felt the whole earth. Quite simply by money. Angels Devil made them all to do something wrong for the money. As those who control them led to say something perverted on TV (of course so no one would recognize them (as amended). Participate in the porn or put their naked pictures on the internet. Businessmen told them to keep their employees 200-300 lev because they were the worst. And they themselves receive in 7000 to 30000 per month because they are angels. Others believe them to renounce the Bible told them that it was invented. Others married men offered to fuck with neighbors for money. So as its strong angel so your test is small (a lie). As for their weak and stupid the more unusual and easily visible so condemned. You have 14 hours to renounce the devil and can give poor everything you give, so will save your souls. Today is March 27 15:31

    WHO GOD WHAT IS So the world has many bogchentsa, bogcheta, less gods and at least Gods. bogchentsata can make food, light bulbs, miscellaneous hardware, wood panels and other similar. bogchetata make household appliances, computers, appliances, etc. like. Gods do car factories ships, aircraft, etc. like. A true Gods can do anything. I am one such The way to make the product are 2. Precision and whatever comes. The first is by people free will they come up with for example a racing igra as follows. First make the environment For example there will be a hill and plain here, here and here plateau valley etc. Then "planting trees one by one" and bushes. Then choose the color of the sky. Putting the sun to shine somewhere if he puts shadows. Then build the road. Turns. Here and there a two-way highway road. Selects flooring etc.. Then put the signs. Finally made cars. Invent new or existing copy. Ordered this car will move as I drive and this as my brother. And others like my friend, etc. Then put traffic if he or pryapyatsviya as police, thinking about how to stop the offender I'll hit a few times or block etc. Everything has thick books of spells. But they are expensive. These unconscious just pray to God and receive everything. For example I 100 kg apples. He does not think or how they will look or whether it is delicious. The magic lies therein that God says do it well and ready. Computer game guidelines say just what you want quickly as the road from Sofia to Bourgas (not to harass God) or kraal bike in Vitosha and ready. But you have to at least god. Now all learn how to become gods, but the truth is that nesanatelniyat is the greatest and most well known in this

    WHAT JESUS ??taught So Jesus spoke of the Holy Spirit that he would say men and of angels, yet Jesus loved righteousness as me. Paul changed the righteousness of faith because he gave money to shit. Paul has served Milcom and Chemosh Astarte today pedesyatni and evangelical churches. Jesus loved sinners because in his time they were the weakest. I love the poor. But what they say angels of evangelical churches: You can fuck with that posikash it is not a sin, but Jesus says be perfect as the Father is perfect ie be righteous as righteous Father. Jehovah's Witnesses and evngelskite churches angels "angels" think that the gospel is a means of gain.

    for the still misunderstood God told me that most of you have a clear question free will or predestination. Therefore say in books written about sex the woman turns slower than men and many women remain unsatisfied because the men quickly emptied. Why? Quite simply, most of the men were angels of God, while women have unmet angels of the devil. But to learn to control during sex angels lead to prostate problems, and are unable controllable discharge ponadolu read and you will understand why.

    how your stupid prolong life As we enter into one contract with the devil to live forever. But others who prefer to serve Jesus and LEDs are worn decide to replace them. Of course those of the body is easy. Still dying children or healthy adults. But to me as like I said before my mind now replaced the heart of the soul. Say how. I wake up in a world that is making war, I walk into a room and someone shut my eyes and fell and lay somewhere ..... After a while I hear the voice of Jennifer Lopez. Who you are and say nvknvk. Again I asked and answer the same wow that was not even expecting it. They put me in the heart sprintsofka and I merged something. Then a very special pain a little weaker than the first. I heard a voice back and I woke up. Since then my heart hurts and sudden movements can not do. But God healed me and it turned out that he was my father. Father of Moses and Ramses I in ancient Egypt. He told me by the angels that are my eternal changed my heart (for I am God) and that this repair will last 1000 years. Another time I hear that the glory Trifinov pulling your eyes (soul) it is Solomon and the goal is to replace them with a child when his old age teach others his followers against "modest amount". Others Kamen have changed the body (soul) directly as pushed girl which is what a healthy body (it was already an angel of God - soul and body were joined). The objective is to live forever. So this girl was left in atma and returned to heaven.

    GODS shit So Satan is the Egyptian supreme God. His country is Egypt. The Israelites lived in Egypt well. Nothing did, ate and learned and enjoyed at any contemporaneous games. God Pharaoh made them all, and fruits and vegetables all. Jehovah saw that the Egyptians are the right people and decided to take them for drivers surgeons and other professions requiring precision. So do any miracles as it is written in the Bible. Strong is clear but we will win. God himself Pharaoh decides to return the people, so they said "5 We remember the fish we ate in Egypt for nothing, the cucumbers, the melons, the leeks and garlic and red;" / Num 11:5 / The fish was sprat. Jehovah test all raw 40 years in the wilderness, so feel Jesus who is the Devil He razreshva sins and then forgive them. Slavi Trifonov Azis folpevitsite and all known people in the world serving the devil.

    Elixir of life giving ceremony of the "angels" with that you become servants of the devil forever. Then the devil gives you money and you can start a business or get a life. This elixir is eternal life at his loyal servants so promising. If you did not get rich as he does with most evil minions become beggars and vagrants and poor sufferers and nobody can help you if God such as Jesus or Allah personally do not have mercy on you. Best thing is that the stop because you sleep Your soul is forever associated with the body. The biggest demons begin to mutate and thus sablyaznyavat people. Build discos and bars and hotels to catch boys and girls through sex Meaning them plugged kundalini in the body. If somehow it has entered (even if not by physical sex) you start to think about the gods. From here on there are two way to become eternal angels or demons. To become angels have breathing (inhalation and exhalation) orally once you feel that your chakras Cool (cold fire going in your back - from top to bottom). Psychedelic done by angels of Jehovah (where it is known to Allah), the goal is to touch up until white kundalini ie gin of God. Then God will draw it out (to become men). Maybe stay live forever in you then you are angels of God forever. Listen psychedelic and breathe through your mouth.

    So God wants people - fallen angels sleep. Because they help him. Some are guardian angels, seraphim others serve in the temple. Others are travelers. These are teleported angels are supermen in alien worlds. Other guards are guarding the gates of the world. And what happens devil wants God to be without angels. So some people cease to sleep at this already mages. Want to learn to govern themselves so that when God says do this and you start to think what is the best way for me? and so a man can not be killed because of your free will. One is allowed free will. Angels should not have. People have 3 petals parietal chakra. Angels start at 4. With 5 are the heads of the orders with 6 friends are of God (seraphim). 7 are mages (cherubim). With 8 are prophets of the Almighty. And with 9 is God Himself to Earth. With 10 being the Great and Almighty Most Holy Almighty he controls all Gods in the universe. How can you change the state of personality, very simply exchange saharsara chakras. Give an example. An angel is fed to one and wants to be a man to enjoy his life and he. Then God chakra exchange with a man who wants to become an angel. Eventually, however, the order in which the chief serves notice that God blagoslvya Meaning many people saved this man. And was forced to change positions. He became head of the Order. When God sees that a supervisor is very accurate, just and all is okay then God makes a friend of God like Abraham. In time, Abraham best friend God wants to learn more secrets and worthy God swapped places with the unworthy magician and he became a magician begins to learn to perform miracles. If God sees that there is good then he swapped places with the worst of chakra with eight petals. These wizards can be any miracle but subject to God. These are the prophets of the Almighty. Now if this magician with his presence made so radically change the world for the better. God becomes his prophet and he became God. Further, I do not know.

    further proof that the God of the land of and in similar worlds shit
    So tired of this was done by God - the creator of the world shit. To invent something new and so moving progress. How in God's world, you know??? There is no progress and nothing bored. Everything is done to perfection by our God And here the woman even bored, so divorced people. Much more quickly bored when made magic of love. We need to resist God and Satan will notice us and take us into their world. So do not leave their wives even after they have fed us, let them be as sweet kitten / dog always love. I of this fashkiyski God will break your head as I did with each other. Allah is not my friend because he authorized and guiding it when you get tired.

    HOW WILL henceforth
    Now encountering strong will make more mistakes vsravnenie the weak to flatten. This means that if you're racing and you're the smartest and safest driving most powerful and stable car. You have to do more mistakes to catch up with most weak which makes little car. And this at a low car will makes the least mistakes and is accurate. Allegorically it is already on life. Another example. Pansonic, Sony TVs will deteriorate as much and NEO, BEKO and other expensive equipment at least. Such is my will says the Lord of hosts Another example. The most powerful club teams will have the sick players. Everything must be aligned just so you enjoy all of the "Lake Sea."

    Who yell at God (Almighty) called him a fool, horseshit or something worse (why is not it?) Have a lifetime to keep. Driving fast speed is prohibited. Skiing is also not good. Skydiving did not think about it, too Diving (open water you've seen it) swimming deep too. Avoid dangerous pleasure and will not have a problem. At least it is broken at large is death. And you need you saith the Lord Satan. Because while you are alive, you help me (while sleeping serve me) saith the Lord Jehovah. Stay more at home playing on the computer. Earth prana (heat) that gives you vitality for her people do not sit still in one place. Stop watch movies (very few are good) better animation. Do not look Asian very bad.

    move on

    "Free choice is so much unconditioned by foreign will, and as such appears FREE CHOICE as more facts are given to man to see what good and what evil However, since none exists, or if it is, he would be Before the birth THEREFORE ARE ONE sheep, and other goats, shepherds THIRD fourth wolves and dogs THERE STAFF