Author: Nicolay Vladimirov Kurbanov-nvknvk

SO I'AM AT LAST WITH 83507-1030=82477 MILLION for games, building ,bet and etc. and to me remain 82477+1200(bet) MY_EXPENSESfrom REAL$.htm 81425 million remain plus 372 000$ till now

365days*100news*1000$=36,5 million *60 years=2190 million

  • THE CHICK Xmas Dance Mix 2018 d Christmas Songs Remix Non-Stop -50 million
  • THE CHICK Joy - The Christmas Mega Hitmix vol 1 & 2 -10 million
  • HE ASK FOR HELP Ultimate Christmas Party MegaMix by DJ pluTONYum -2 million

    AND GALIA(sister of ELISHA) make some magic and bet against me that i will not sucessed in limited time my GTA VICE CITY mission VOOODO PROTECTION. I SUCESSED with last attempt AND GAIN 100 MILLION $ FOR LIVING, THE SAME BET 100 MILLION that in "THE DRIVER"- mission i not successed(and the car not damage for any reason. SO SHE WIN. but i bet 500 million on next AND I WIN. so i'am plus 400 million. and bet again 500 milllion and i win=900 million

    SIMEON bet against me that 100 MILLION THAT i will not sucessed in 40_LOW_altd_rcbaron fly races RACE0TO5 RACE 3 -I WILL NOT SUCCESSED without changing speed of BIKES. i finish for 3:37 minutes. AND IN RACE 0 THAT WILL INTERRUPT on 2 chekpoints before FINISH.(i change mass and turn mass of rcbaron on 10000 and 15000 . so i sucess and GAIN 200 MILLION I SUCESSED with $ FOR LIVING, so i have and 20 million $ for house

    10 BILLION I LOST FROM MY GLOBAL COMPETITION when the profit was 200 million, now is 50 million

    SO MY MONEY ARE 82477 -2190 -62+1200 =81425 million remain